Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crossword Puzzle - Endangered Animals

Star Q

Of course there are times when whatever you give your students seem to fall flat on the ground or get smacked back onto you face!  Even though this is a Set Induction activity designed to get students to know about Endangered Animals, it actually turned out to be a lesson on its own.

This was supposed to be a lead in activity before students were asked to do a Reading Comprehension activity, followed by Vocabulary exercises.  The Crossword Puzzle I designed proved to be more challenging than I thought for my (very) Low Proficiency Form 4 students.  I ended up giving all the answers to my students!  I even had to stick the handouts into their exercise books myself to make sure they did their work!  However, some just made paper planes out of the handouts I gave!

 Maybe you will have better luck with yours!

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