Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Complete Lesson Plan - Unit 9

Star Q

This will be the final week that I will be doing this unit with my students.  We will be moving on to Unit 10 shortly.  The Set Induction for this lesson requires students to express their opinions on the pictures given to them but in not so many words.

As usual, this is followed by a reading comprehension exercise; this time I have used a newspaper report from thestaronline which I have adapted.  I also prepared Vocabulary exercise focusing on Antonyms.  Students need to match a list of Antonyms with their correct pairs from the newspaper report.

The matching exercise is followed by a sentence-completion exercise.  As a reinforcement, I have left instructions for students to add two sentences of their own using any two of the Antonyms.  Teachers could probably ask students from higher proficiency levels to write more sentences of their own.

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