Thursday, July 4, 2013

B4 DL3 E1

Star Q

This task required students to make questions and answers on their own based on information in an advertisement.  Rather than having students come up with the answers and questions themselves, I have made it easier for elementary to intermediate students in this task by providing the answers.  

Students only needed to come up with the appropriate Wh-questions to the answers given to them.  Students had actually done a similar activity when they did Chapter 6 earlier in semester 2 (my students are now at Chapter 9)

To make it even easier for students (after waiting a few minutes and noticing that students find it difficult to form the appropriate Wh-questions) teacher can hint on the Wh-question they can use in order to form the questions.

However, after having done this particular PBS task, I found out more than 75% of my students were unable to form Wh-questions correctly.  Well, it's back to the drawing board to come up with an easier task;B4 DL3 E2.

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