Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Form 2 - Unit 2 : Set Induction

Star Q
iii.  Sukantara

We're travelling back in time today; two years ago to be exact.  This one is a Set Induction activity which I did with my Form 2 Bestari (intermediate to high proficiency) back then.  As usual, other activities included in a full-lesson-plan worksheet were reading comprehension and vocabulary activities.

For this Set Induction activity, apart from having to guess the occupations depicted by the pictures, students were also required to pick out four of the six given words for each picture, that would correctly describe the occupation.  Quite different to the ones I am currently doing, where students need to guess all the related words themselves.

Here students were also required to justify their choices of words for each of the occupations by giving their reasons.

Note : All pictures were taken from Google image.

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