Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reading Activities : Form 4 Chapter 8

Star Q

These are reading activities which I designed for my Form 4 students four years ago when I was teaching the upper forms in the mainstream classes.  These materials were designed for intermediate students.  However, for quite a number of them, the tasks seemed more of a challenge.

I designed comprehension questions based on an autobiography (which I adapted) of Gary Rhodes, one of British renowned chefs.  This is followed by a Vocabulary Building exercise.  The final activity for this reading exercise is Sentence Construction activity.

You will notice that at the bottom of the pages I have indicated Pages Two and Three which means they are a part of a complete worksheet of four pages.  Page One contains the Set Induction while the last page contains an enrichment exercise of Poetry writing (I will upload this as a separate entry soon)  The last page actually indicates the date that this worksheet was created, that is 12th August 2010.

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