Monday, July 22, 2013

Set Induction & Reading Activity - Form 4 : Chapter 14

Star Q

This is another set of activities designed for Form 4 students based on a chapter in their textbooks; Chapter 14 titled A Rainbow Nation.  The Set Induction activity is supposed to get students discussing among themselves to find out the different ethnic groups in Malaysia represented by the traditional clothes worn.  This activity definitely needs a extensive general knowledge on the students' part.

As usual, the Set Induction is followed by a reading comprehension activity.  For this particular task, I have indicated the marks allocated for each question.  I have found that students will concentrate more on the questions with more marks then returning to the rest of the questions.  This format is to give the Form 4 students a feel of the actual SPM 1119/2 format.

This worksheet (which is another complete lesson plan) also has a Glidogram included in it (click here for the previous example on Glidogram)  The clues are words related to festivals.  The Glidogram for this worksheet will be uploaded in a future entry.

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