Monday, October 21, 2013

Reading Activities - Form 1 Chapter 3

Star Q
ii.  Egg Tarts

This is the continuation to the entry which I made prior to this.  Like I mentioned earlier, this is a four-page complete worksheet for this particular chapter; from Set Induction right up to the other various activities which teachers can conduct in class for a double-period lesson of eighty minutes.

For this reading comprehension, I have included to types of activities.  The first one is your usual Wh-questions while the second one is presenting information in graphic from.  Here students complete the flow chart with information from the text (page 3 of the worksheet)

I end this lesson with a revision on Plural Nouns, focusing on both the Regular and Irregular Nouns.  The pictures are arranged in their respective groups so that students will be able to differentiate between the two types of Plural Nouns.

The final page of this worksheet will ensue post haste. 

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