Saturday, December 28, 2013

Let's Get Talking

Star Q
ii.  STPM 2013

The challenge to get students to speak does not only involve students in the lower forms of the mainstream classes; it also involves the students in the pre-university classes.  In fact, the need to improve one's ability in speaking (and in the other three language skills) is even more paramount since these students will be sitting for their MUET exam which is a prerequisite for them to enter university.

This activity can also be used with other mainstream classes especially with those who have a considerable range of vocabulary.  Since I will be teaching Form 4 next year, this activity can also be used with them and my pre-university class.

This activity is especially suitable for teachers who do not have a large collection of pictures on flash cards, which means they can recycle the same pictures.

Materials needed :
  1. A set of 4 pictures (flashcards; as a challenge for students, try to use pictures that do not seem to relate to one another!) 
  2. Sticky tape
  3. Stop-watch (if necessary)
Procedure :
  1. Divide class into groups of four.
  2. Teacher sticks a random sequence of the four pictures on the board (see picture above)
  3. Teacher gives the first group two minutes to tell a story based on the sequence of the pictures.
  4. Teacher jots down the time.
  5. Teacher proceeds with the next group; this time changing the sequence of the pictures (see picture above)
  6. The group that takes the shortest time to tell the story wins.  However, if there is a tie, the winner goes to the team with the most interesting story.
  7. Alternatively, the running of the activity can be handed over to some students after the teacher has shown how it is done with the first group.
Usage :
  1. As Set Induction for a lesson on Narrative or Expository Writing
  2. An enrichment activity at the end of a lesson

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