Thursday, February 13, 2014

N.I.C.E. - Describing Profession

Star Q

This is another activity that I enjoyed doing with my students.  This is a simple activity to get students to generate vocabulary which would later be used to describe a profession which the students themselves have chosen or a different one.

Suggestion :
  1. Teacher divides class into groups of four.
  2. Teacher then distributes about ten pages of newspaper to each group (It would help if prior to the lesson, teacher ensures that there are enough materials that can be used in the newspaper to be distributed)
  3. Teacher distributes one A4 paper to each group.
  4. Each group searches for a picture of an occupation in the newspaper and paste it in the middle of the A4 paper.
  5. Students then cut out at least ten words from the newspaper headlines that can describe their chosen occupations and paste them around the pictures of the occupations.
  6. Teacher collects students work and put them up on the notice board.
  7. Representatives from each group are allowed to see these work, choose one occupation different from theirs and copy down the words related to the occupation.
  8. Students make at least three sentences using the words provided to describe the occupations.

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