Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pre-Writing : Describing An Activity

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This is a continuation of the entry dated 12 February 2014 based on Form 2 Chapter 1 - What People Do.  The previous entry dealt with the Set Induction which tried to get students to name the things that people do during their holidays based on the given pictures.

This Task B deals with the pre-writing activity which will get students to write a short description about what they did during their own holidays.  Prior to the actual writing activity, it is always wise to equip students with some kind of activity for them to generate the necessary vocabulary to write that description.

The above handout gets students to sort out things that are related to the activity in the picture, i.e. gardening.  Students then write the names of the objects in the boxes provided.  Teacher can even get students to provide other things that are related to gardening.

For the objects that are not related to gardening, teacher can get some kind of simple question-and-answer session going, to get them to give reasons why these things are not related to gardening.  Expect lots of different responses!

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