Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Teaching Conjunctions So and Because

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It is difficult to device a uniform method to teach grammar that can be applicable to all grammatical items.  In fact, trying to device specific formula for specific grammatical item is just as difficult to do because there is no formula.  Learning grammar is not like learning Mathematics where there is a formula for every Mathematical problem.

But for teachers trying to teach certain grammatical items to students, take heart, you are not alone in trying to device the easiest possible resource material in order to get your students to understand what you are teaching.

Actual lesson taking place

One such example, is teaching the Conjunctions so and because which is used to describe cause and effect.  It doesn't really help the students when a teacher explains the purpose of these two conjunctions and begin to write down the theoretical application on the board and then getting the students to copy them into their exercise books.

There happens to be an easier way to teach the concept of Conjunctions so and because which will help to increase students' understanding.  For this concept, students would already have the understanding that Conjunctions are used to join two separate sentences (other Conjunctions like and / but etc)

Suggestion :

  1. Get pairs of pictures that highlights cause and effect.
  2. Begin by focusing on the Conjunction so to highlight which event comes first.
  3. Stress that since rain (picture on the left) comes first before using the umbrella, students use so.
  4. Switch the pictures; put using the umbrella first, then the rain.
  5. Stress that when the pictures are switched,students use because.
  6. Use other pairs of pictures (like the example on the right)  to see if students grasp the idea.

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