Monday, April 14, 2014

Using 'Lemon Tree' In A Lesson!

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Ever heard of the song titled 'Lemon Tree' by Fool's Garden?  It doesn't really matter if you haven't.  The point is, this song can be useful as a Set Induction to teach the Form 2 poem 'I Wonder' written by Jeannie Kirby;  mostly because both song and poem share the phrase 'I wonder.....' in them.

Even though one can find a host of materials on the internet about how to go about teaching this poem in class, it wouldn't hurt if another dimension is added.  This song may not fully focus on the idea depicted in the poem but it can be put to good use especially when your class is in the afternoon or after recess and using a song will help to stop them from thinking about the food they had at the canteen or the ones they will be having at home in a few hours time!

Anyway, I propose four possible 'while-listening' activities for this song, which beats students merely listening to the song.  Naturally, the teacher would have to stress on the phrase 'I wonder....' a few times, to give them the idea of the topic that they are focusing on.  To check for the correct answers, students can do peer-checking to incorporate student-centered learning. 

However, in this entry, I shall present two of the suggestions first.

Suggestion 1 :

  • Teacher distributes a worksheet containing twelve pictures (see middle picture above)
  • Students listen to the song and circle the objects mentioned in the song.

Suggestion 2 :

  • Teacher distributes worksheets containing the lyric of the song with some missing words (see picture on the right)
  • Teacher can choose to omit rhyming words or other specific words.
  • Omitting rhyming words would allow the teacher to later focus on the rhyming scheme of the poem or 'small l'.

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