Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beautiful Class : Learning Environment

Star Q

Once in a while you come across a class that really takes your breath away.  Yes, most teachers (me included) would just sigh and lament about their own classes and their futile attempts at making their classes more conducive for learning.

We have all heard those grouses and complaints about students/pupils who do not give their teachers' effort a second glance; in fact some would happily tear down and vandalise those which their teachers have spent hours working on and probably have spent quite a considerable sum of money to put up.

But once in a while you do get students who appreciate the things that their teachers have done, not only by making full use of the information put up in the respective corners in the class, but most of all they respect their teacher's work enough not to destroy them.

In this particular classroom the class teacher has taken time, effort and money to decorate her class with all the useful information that her pupils could possibly use.  And her effort and dedication has been a success; one which can be emulated by other teachers in other schools, of course with circumstances which are almost the same if not similar.

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