Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Complete Lesson Plan : Form 4 - Chapter 7 : Random Acts of Kindness

Star Q

After being on hiatus for quite some time, I am returning with another complete lesson plan based on the form 4 English textbook which concentrates on the topic 'Random Acts of Kindness'.

This module however does not start with the usual Set Induction but instead begins with a reading passage followed by a reading comprehension exercise.  This chapter also deals with a revision on Adjectives for which I have provided two exercises.

This chapter also deals with Negative prefixes and I have also provided two exercises for it.

Finally I have devised six questions which is reflective of Section A (questions 1 - 8) in Paper 2 of the SPM English paper 1119/2.  I feel that students should be given practise exercises which relates to this paper (and paper 1) to expose them to as many different types of stimuli as possible.

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