Monday, June 8, 2015

While Listening Activity

Star Q

Previously, I have posted an example of a while-reading activity (click here to see activity) based on a text about the achievements of Steve Jobs.  I stated that rather than allowing students to merely stare at the text while the teacher enjoys himself/herself reading a copy of the text, why not give them something to do at the same time.

Instead of making it a while-reading activity. this time teacher can also do a while-listening activity by not providing the students with a copy of the text.  Play a simple Word Bingo game where the students simply strike out words on a given Bingo slip; words that the teacher reads from the text.  The first student to finish striking out all the words on the slip, is the winner.

You will definitely get students who want to be the first to finish and he may simply strike out all the words and declare himself the winner, even before the teacher finishes reading the whole text!  Teacher can keep these students in check by providing distractors (words that are not in the text) among the words in the slip; let' s say 3 out of a possible 12 words on the Bingo slip are distractors.  

So if this particular student says that he has stricken out all the words and declare himself the winner, the teacher will know that the student has not really been paying attention to what he/she has been reading.

Note : The twelve-word Bingo slip is merely a suggestion.  Teacher can add as many words in the slip depending on the proficiency of the students in the specific class.  However, teacher needs to remember that the words given in the Bingo slip should not be considered just as a Listening game.  The words need to be used in another activity of the lesson to create continuity in the lesson.  Hence, the more the words, the challenging it is to create a continuing activity.

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