Monday, October 5, 2015

Interactive Notebook : Reading Activities

Star Q

More often than not, when I plan a lesson focusing on reading skills, I will digress and deviate and the focus will take a detour and will concentrate more on writing skill (or grammar or listening or speaking!)  Trying to focus on reading skill alone gets more demanding when I use a poem as the reading text.

However, when you think about reading as an action that pupils do time and time again going through the text looking for some kind of information or another, the activities you design will eventually be those that are more reading oriented.

For a reading lesson using one of the poems for level Two (this one is for Year 4) titled Holiday memories by June Crebbin, with a little bit of extra preparations, there seems to be a host of possibilities.

Some of the reading skills that can be incorporated in the lesson include :
1.  Reading per say (in groups, jazz chant, individually, role plays)
2.  Finding words in the poem that rhymes with a set of words given by the teacher (see picture)
3.  Comprehension questions (an important reading activity) which allows for incorporation of HOTS 
     questions (see picture)

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