Thursday, March 10, 2016

Anchor Activity - Poem

Star Q

I know it's already March; three months into 2016 and this is the first entry!  This in fact, goes to show how busy I have been during the first two months of this year.  That, and the fact that I have been left almost immobile due to some problems with the nerves in my left leg.

Personal matter aside, this initial entry for 2016 focuses on many an English Language teacher's frustration about teaching poems.  Not only do these poem have to be re-explained in prose form, some may resort to translating words that are not locally used.

Another frustration is that these teachers need to think up of different activities for the poems and not just rely on the ones provided in commercially bought workbooks. 

The activity provided in this entry is for a Form 4 poem titled 'The Living Photograph'.  A lot of (group) discussion can be generated from this single activity. First, the teacher can get groups to decided which of the four 'grandmothers' resembles the one mentioned in the poem, giving their justifications.  Or alternatively (for better students) teacher can ask them to identify which three 'grandmothers' least resemble the one in the poem, with justifications.


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