Monday, June 6, 2016

Trying Their Best

Star Q

As far as the 21st Century teaching and learning is concerned, there are still a considerable number of  constraints faced by many teachers, if not their schools, in implementing this idea, especially when it comes to classroom setting.
There is no doubt that some kind of fund, a sizeable one at that, is required to meet the specifications of what makes a classroom a 21st Century classroom.  At the very least posters need to be put up to introduce the idea, gadgets (no matter how simple they are) need to be painstakingly produced by hand and the arrangement of desks and chairs to meet that criteria in an already cramped classroom.

However, a novel idea that is being carried out by SMK Pasir Besar is the setting up of a 21st Century Classroom where (almost) all the things and gadgets needed to make such a classroom is being prepared (April)  Since it is now June, the room would most probably be totally furnished with the amenities of a 21st Century classroom.

True, classes (and teachers) will have to take turns to utilize the room to reap the educational advantage it is ready to dispense, but for the time being that is the best they can do.  We hope with the setting up of this room teachers will be able to use the 21st Century teaching and learning techniques and students will be able to reap all the rewards for their betterment.

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