Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Form One - Invitations

Star Q
iii.  Ayam Cocoh

Since this is a new skill being taught to form 1 students who are being thrown into the deep end into this KSSM syllabus, it is best that teachers do something before their young charges hopelessly drown at their first attempt in the secondary school pool.

In this situation where students are being taught Invitations it would be best to set the textbook aside first and familiarise students with the forms of invitations, if they don't already know them.  It would be best if the teacher can show an actual video of several people making invitations.  If not he or she can come up with examples of cartoons with speech bubbles depicting invitations and responses.

The use of cartoons and speech bubbles as a Starter for the lesson serves several purposes :
a.  it allows for differentiation mainly in the differences in the forms of invitations,
b.  it allows for role-play (student centred) applying one of Kagan's Structures,
c.  it enforces cross curricular skills (CCS) where students also learn soft skills, and
d.  it caters to students' Multiple Intelligences, in this case visual-spacial, verbal-linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

Notes :  Students here are from different socio-economic backgrounds and are multi-racial with at least two levels of proficiency.

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