Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Simple Time Management

How to manage time?

With the introduction of KSSM beginning with Form One 2017, a few new things have been introduced to teachers.  These new things include the syllabus, textbooks, teaching strategies, record book writing and time.

In KSSM, most schools have opted the thirty minute per period timetable.  And starting with Form One this year there will be seven periods for English instead of the previous five with forty minutes per period.  And with the allocation of seven periods per week, many schools have opted for the 2-2-2-1 timetable block while a few have chosen 3-2-2 system.

In the case of the 2-2-2-1 system, especially where the single period happens to be right after recess, teachers will notice quite a number of students coming late into class.  Each giving different reasons for being late, like too many people at the canteen, long queues, not enough time to eat and so on.  And so when these students do come into class, they will be about fifteen minutes late.

This will leave the teacher with only fifteen minutes left to teach.  Greeting alone may take two to three minutes.  Getting the students to settle down will take another two to three minutes.  Eventually the teacher is left with with ten minutes of teaching time!

A simple solution for this is for the teacher to conduct flip classroom.  One day before the actual class, the teacher could provide students with some resources for them to read, study or discuss over preferably in small groups.  So, doing the actual lesson (with only ten minutes left!) then would merely need to gather information, via group discussions, from students based on the resource, given to them yesterday.

I will share a sample lesson using flip classroom in a future entry.

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