Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Guided Writing - Vocabulary Building

This entry is a continuation of the suggestion posted earlier about guided writing with the topic 'Flood'.  This entry chooses to stagger the introduction of new words pertaining to the topic rather than dumping the whole list to students.

There are many ways that can be done to help LP form 2 students to write an essay, rather than bombarding them with 46 new words that are somehow related to the essay topic but those that they have no knowledge of or future use for.  In fact (new words like adjectives and adverbs) can be taught alongside words that students are already familiar with.

For the presentation, teacher can use a 'big book' or for those who are more techno savvy, the computer (plus LCD projector).  In either case, the objects in the picture above can be moved accordingly to show the stages of a flood; make it like telling a story by showing the house and the trees first followed by the clouds, rain and water.  At the same time teacher can ask students to name the objects they see on display.  The picture above (which can represent the first paragraph of the essay) can be the first of a series of pictures describing a flood situation.

After naming the objects, teacher can take this opportunity to expand students' vocabulary by adding adjectives to the objects (nouns) they have identified, for example rain.  The adjective can be heavy, thus forming heavy rain.  Or for HP students, teacher can even introduce torrential instead of heavy.   In a way, this step can be more meaningful to students because they are blending new words that they already know.  

Note : Images are sourced from the internet.

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