Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Teaching Personal Pronouns Pt 2

In this second installment of Teaching Personal Pronouns, we are looking at the different skills students need to go through in order to complete the task mentioned in the previous entry for this topic. 

Besides understanding that words like I, he, him, they, them and son, are Personal Pronouns, students also need to know why some of the pronouns are at the beginning of a sentence while others are somewhere towards the end of sentences; hence the importance of clarifying between Pronouns as subject and those as object.

Plus, students also need to have cataphoric and anaphoric referencing skills in order to identify which nouns they represent.  Learning personal pronouns as subject and object itself is quite daunting, let alone having to identify them in a context.  Unless students already have this referencing skills.

And on top of all that, there is the task of trying to read and understand what the whole text is all about.  In reality, a teacher who teaches this task does not just have to teach Pronouns.  Instead the teacher needs to equip students with all the necessary skills mentioned here and in the previous entry, if they are to fully understand the use of Personal Pronouns.

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